Survivor Support


Ad for Woman Inc survivor support group


WOMAN Inc is facilitating an online, English language support group. Please invite survivors as you see fit. Groups will be held via zoom. 


We understand that survivors currently residing with partners who use abuse might not feel comfortable accessing this service, and it most likely isn't a safe option for them. However, we understand that some survivors have left their partners and are looking to connect with others as we shelter-in-place. In that case, this group might just be a great fit!


Here are the details:




Survivors can email (preferable) us to register:, or call Jill (415.969.6698) or Mary (415.969.6698)

We don't have stringent questions or requirements, but we do need to go over the community agreements beforehand, and talk with them about safety planning (ensuring they aren't sharing space with their partner, how to clear their browser, asking for an agreement to hold confidentiality, etc.)




We will hold when there at least 3 participants registered. 

If we do not have enough registered folks, we will let folks know beforehand that we are cancelled, and offer one-on-one appointments, pending survivor interest.

Survivors from across the state are welcome to attend.

We will limit space to 15 participants. 

Survivors who don't reside with their partner who uses abuse, survivors triggered by the shelter-in-place orders, survivors looking to break feelings of isolation during this time (and others) are welcome to register. 




This will be a general check in group for survivors to connect, support, and get to know each other while we shelter in place. 

We will utilize grounding exercises in group as well.