The Office of Sexual Harrassment and Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) now has its own website!  Access here: 

General information about SHARP is below.


About the Office of Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention

The Office of SHARP collaborates with City Departments, law enforcement agencies, and community organizations to ensure that local government services are accountable and responsive to the needs of survivors of sexual violence. Specifically, the Office of SHARP is charged with the following duties:

  1. Work with survivors to remedy the way any City department has negatively responded or failed to respond to their complaint
  2. Engaging with City Departments and law enforcement agencies on prompt and thorough response to sexual violence allegations
  3. Collaborating with community stakeholders on preventing sexual violence and improving the City’s response to sexual violence in a way that ensures dignity, trust, safety and professionalism for survivors.


We recognize that the “shelter in place” can mean greater vulnerability for people experiencing domestic violence. If you need support or feel unsafe, please contact the Office of SHARP by calling (415) 252-2512 or emailing


SHARP is mandated by Legislation from the Board of Supervisors to:

  1. Receive complaints from survivors of sexual assault and harassment concerning the manner in which City departments have responded or failed to respond to allegations of sexual assault or sexual harassment.
  2. Assist survivors in navigating City government to resolve complaints about City department’s response to allegations of sexual assault or sexual harassment.
  3. Compel the attendance of City officers or employee to meet with claimants.
  4.  Notify City departments their failure to perform a duty or to respond reasonably to the claimant’s or SHARP’s requests.
  5. Report to the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors if any City department fails to take timely and adequate corrective action after receiving notification from the SHARP office.
  6.  Refer City officers and employees for discipline, when appropriate.
  7. Require City departments to report information about how a department handles allegations of sexual assault and harassment.
  8. Work with community stakeholders to develop recommendations for improving the City’s work to end sexuall assault and harassment, and making the recommendations to City policymakers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SHARP


  • Take complaints from survivors of sexual assault and harassment who have previously attempted to bring their case to San Francisco City agency(s) (such as the police, the district attorney or the hospital), and had an inadequate experience.  Complaints should be made with regard to the City agency's response to the sexual assault or harassment allegations.
  • Research case law and City employee’s duties imposed by law in responding to survivor’s allegations.
  • Notify the City department alleged of failure to act or to respond reasonably to complainant’s allegations.
  • Require city departments or employees to meet with complainant and/or SHARP staff.
  • Encourage city departments to respond fully to the complainant's concerns.
  • Collect information (data, current policies) to assess responses to sexual assault and harassment allegations.
  • Meet with community organizations and individual survivors to develop  policy changes that are needed for improving the City’s efforts to address sexual assault and harassment.
  • Develop policy recommendations to city agencies, the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor’s office.
  • Make systems change recommendations
  • Offer referrals for direct services from our community partners
  • Host panels and informational sessions related to sexual assault, harassment, violence prevention, conflict within community members, healing & surviving, and ending rape culture broadly.



  • Represent survivors in any legal cases, we will not take cases to court
  • Provide direct services


Contact the Office of SHARP by calling (415) 252-2512 or emailing