San Francisco 12(N) City Ordinance: Youth Sensitivity & Cultural Competency Training



The City and County of San Francisco is committed to ensuring that LGBTQ Youth receive the same level of dignity and respect as granted to all residents when encountering city services and programs. To that end, Chapter 12N of the San Francisco Administrative Code requires all City departments to provide lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sensitivity training to all staff who have direct contact with youth, or whose work directly affects youth. The HRC plays an integral role in advocating for LGBTQ youth through its enforcement of the 12(N) Ordinance. Currently, the HRC is collaborating with the San Francisco Youth Commission, the Department of Public Health and Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts Technology (BAYCAT) to create a web based module similar to the “Its Gets Better” video series. San Francisco is the first city in the country currently involved in a project of this nature.


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