Overview of HRC Publications

  • REPORTS, RESEARCH & INVESTIGATIONS. HRC generates regular reports based on a combination of testimony from public hearings and HRC's own independent research, investigations and analysis of issues relevant to human and civil rights. Public Hearing topics are generated from HRC advisory committees, community members, complaints, panel discussions, national events, commissioner inquiry and/or department requests. Once the Commission designates a date to hold a hearing, HRC staff work with city departments, direct service providers, advocacy groups and academic experts to identify individuals to provide testimony and comment. Upon completion of the hearing, HRC staff drafts a report summarizing the hearing testimony. Included in the report are findings and recommendations issued by the Commission. In addition to generating reports based on testimony derived from public hearings, HRC also generates reports based on independent research, investigation and analysis. The Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, and Commissioners can make recommendations for reports. In addition, community members may file complaints with the HRC and request mediation and/or investigations.

  • RESOLUTIONS & LETTERS OF SUPPORT: The Human Rights Commission considers resolutions in support of issues germane to the Commission’s mission and jurisdiction. A resolution must be formally presented at a Commission meeting. Once the Commission has had a chance to hear the presentation and public comments regarding the issue, the Commission may decide to hold a vote on the resolution. If a quorum of the Commissioners vote in favor, the resolution passes. Similar to Resolutions, the Commission may issue letters of support for policy initiatives and programs related to human rights issues. In order for the Commission to issue a letter of support, impacted community members and groups must present testimony at a regularly scheduled Commission meeting. In advance of the meeting, presenters may provide the Commission with a draft copy of the letter of support. Once the Commission has heard the presentation and any related public comment, the Commission can vote to send a letter of support on the matter

  • BUDGET AND PERFORMANCE DATA: The City and County of San Francisco's fiscal year commences on July 1 of each year. Although all City and County of San Francisco agencies must prescribe to a 2-year budget cycle beginning July 1, 2012, HRC reports its budget data on an annual basis and reports the performance of its programs on a quarterly basis.

  • NEWSLETTERS: As part of our on-going effort to educate the public about the City's non discrimination values, the HRC publishes regular newsletters on our website. The regular newsletter will cover a range of issues including updates from our citizen advisory committees, any updated information on the agency's ordinances, and grant funding opportunities. To join our mailing list and receive an email copy of our newsletter or if you have a topic you would like to the HRC to cover, please let us know by email at hrc.info@sfgov.org.