LGBT & HIV Training

HRC provides a multitude of free trainings, workshops, and technical assistance to companies, other government agencies, and community.  LGBT- and HIV-specific examples are below.  To consider HRC for your next training, please complete our Training Request Form.


HIV Technical Assistance Project

More information available here. The HIV Technical Assistance Project workshop offers an overview of the civil rights protections that exist pursuant to SF local laws for people with HIV. Topics include: local protections in the workplace for people with HIV or perceived to have HIV; concepts of reasonable accommodation; protections for clients of other social and health services, commercial establishments, and housing; provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act; permissible and impermmisible medical inquiries and examinations in the workplace; confidentiality of medical records in the employment setting; the relationship between SF's civil rights ordinances and other state and federal civil rights laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act; a description of resources available in the Bay Area for people seeking to enforce their civil rights; and what individuals can do to effectively advocate for their own rights. Approximate length of workshop is two hours.


Gender Diversity Workshop 

This workshop provides an overview of laws on the city, state, and federal levels that protect transgender individuals. Topics include: a description of the transgender community; gender issues in employment, housing, and public accommodations; how employers can accommodate transgender employees; how employees can appropriately interact with co-workers who are transgender or who have decided to transition while on the job; how to handle sex-specific facilities; how employees can accommodate transgender customers; how providers can improve services for transgender clients; the process of changing one's name and gender in legal documents; a description of available resources in the Bay Area that are transgender-specific and transgender-friendly; and what individuals can do to advocate effectively for their own rights. The workshop is participatory and handouts are available. Length of workshop is approximately two hours.


LGBTQI Youth Sensitivity and Cultural Competency (Administrative Code 12(N) Compliance)

The City and County of San Francisco is committed to ensuring that LGBTQ Youth receive the same level of dignity and respect as granted to all residents when encountering city services and programs. To that end, Chapter 12N of the San Francisco Administrative Code requires all City departments to provide lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sensitivity training to all staff who have direct contact with youth, or whose work directly affects youth. The HRC plays an integral role in advocating for LGBTQ youth through its enforcement of the 12(N) Ordinance.


Equity Trainings 

HRC also offers workshops, trainings, and technical assistance through the Engineering for Equity program.  For more information, click here


To consider HRC for your next training, please complete our Training Request Form.