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LGBT Senior

Launched in October 2012, the LGBT Aging Policy Task Force (formerly known as the LGBT Seniors Task Force) advises the Board of Supervisors on matters relating to the needs and concerns of senior members of the LGBT community. The Task Force holds hearings and takes testimony regarding LGBT senior issues and related matters and reviews, updates and creates implementation plans for recommendations in existing reports including: the 2003 HRC Report on LGBT Seniors, the San Francisco HIV Health Services Planning Council Repot on HIV/AIDS and Aging and the 2011 Report of the SRO Task Force.

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 Below is a schedule of all LGBT Aging Policy Task Force Regular Meetings (Please refer to actual schedule of meetings for Special meeting dates)


Committee Name  Day of Month Time First Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Full Task Force 

2nd Tuesday of every month 

4-6 PM (through October 2013)
4-7 PM (starting November 2013)
October 24, 2012 

Housing Subcommittee 

2nd Tuesday of every month 

3-4 PM

February 12, 2013 

Health and Social Services Subcommittee 

4th Tuesday of every other month (through October 2013)
4th Tuesday of every month (starting November 2013) 

4-6 PM 

January 22, 2013 

Legal Subcommittee

3rd Monday of every other month 

12-2 PM 

April 15, 2013 

 Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings are held at 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Message from LGBT Aging Policy Task Force Chair Bill Ambrunn regarding Meetings of the Full Task Force and its Subcommittees as of 10-1-13




Click here to hear audio and view minutes from past meetings.




October 24, 2012 - Full Task Force

November 13, 2012 - Full Task Force

December 11, 2012 - Full Task Force




January 8, 2013 - Full Task Force 
January 22, 2013 - Health & Social Services Subcommittee 

February 12, 2013 - Housing Subcommittee  
February 12, 2013 - Full Task Force

March 12, 2013 - Full Task Force
March 12, 2013 - Housing Subcommittee
March 26, 2013 - Health & Social Services Subcommittee

April 1, 2013 - Housing Subcommittee (Special Meeting)
April 9, 2013 - Full Task Force
April 9, 2013 - Housing Subcommittee (Cancelled)

April 15, 2013 - Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)

May 14, 213 - Full Task Force
May 14, 2013 - Housing Subcommittee (Cancelled)
May 20, 2013 - Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)
May 28, 2013 - Health & Social Services Subcommittee 

June 11, 2013- Full Task Force
June 11, 2013- Housing Subcommittee
June 17, 2012- Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)

July 9, 2013 - Full Task Force (Special Location and Time)
July 9, 2013 - Housing Subcommittee (Cancelled)
July 15, 2013 - Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)
July 23, 2013 - Housing Subcommittee (Special Meeting) 
July 23, 2013 - Health & Social Services Subcommittee (Cancelled)

August 13, 2013- Full Task Force
August 13, 2013- Housing Subcommittee
August 19, 2013- Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled) 
August 20, 2013 - Health & Social Services Subcommittee (Special Meeting)

August 30, 2013 - Housing Subcommittee (Special Meeting)

September 10, 2013- Full Task Force
September 10, 2013- Housing Subcommittee (Cancelled and Rescheduled to August 30)
September 16, 2013- Legal Subcommittee 
September 24, 2013- Health & Social Services Subcommittee 

October 8, 2013- Full Task Force (Cancelled) 
October 8, 2013- Housing Subcommittee
October 21, 2013- Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)

October 21, 2013 - Health & Social Services Subcommittee (Special Meeting) 
October 22, 2013- Full Task Force (Special Meeting) (Cancelled) 

November 12, 2013- Full Task Force 
November 12, 2013- Housing Subcommittee 
November 18, 2013- Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled) 

November 26, 2013- Health & Social Services Subcommittee
November 26, 2013- Full Task Force (Special Meeting) (Cancelled)

December 10, 2013- Full Task Force
December 10, 2013- Housing Subcommittee (Cancelled)
December 16, 2013- Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)

December 19, 2013- Health & Social Services Subcommittee (Special Meeting) 
December 24, 2013- Health & Social Services Subcommittee (Cancelled and Rescheduled to December 19, 2013)


January 14, 2014- Full Task Force
January 14, 2014- Housing Subcommittee (Cancelled) 
January 20, 2014- Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)
January 28, 2014- Health & Social Services Subcommittee (Cancelled)

January 28, 2014- Full Task Force (Special Meeting)

February 11, 2014- Full Task Force
February 11, 2014- Housing Subcommittee (Cancelled)
February 17, 2014- Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)

February 25, 2014- Health & Social Services Subcommittee (Cancelled)

March 11, 2014- Full Task Force
March 11, 2014- Housing Subcommittee (Cancelled) 
March 17, 2014- Legal Subcommittee (Cancelled)

March 25, 2014- Health & Social Services Subcommittee (Cancelled)
March 25, 2014- Special Meeting

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Division Staff



Tom Nolan, Department of Aging and Adult Services (415) 355-3517 
Sneh Rao, Human Rights Commission (415) 252-2525

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 Bill Ambrunn

Bill Ambrunn, Chair

Bill Ambrunn was born in San Francisco and grew up on the Peninsula. After graduating from Ucla (BA in Psychology1984) and Santa Clara University School of Law (JD 1987), Bill moved to San Francisco and began practicing law. Bill served as a Deputy County Counsel for San Mateo County representing the Public Health and Mental Health Departments. In 1994, Bill was hired as chief of staff by former Supervisor Susan Leal and served as her liaison to the LGBT and HIV/AIDS communities, and to the Castro and other LGBT neighborhoods. Bill also worked in nonprofit development for many years for organizations like Project Open Hand and Jewish Family and Children’s Services. Bill has been active in politics and government in San Francisco since 1990, and has also been active in the Jewish community, having served on the Jewish Community Relations Council Board and the Jewish Community Federation’s original LGBT Task Force. In 2010 Bill joined the LGBT Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission where he worked with other members of the community to lay the groundwork for the creation of the LGBT Aging Policy Task Force. Bill currently lives and works in the Castro where he specializes in estate planning for members of the LGBT community and nonprofit law.

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 Jazzie Collins

Jazzie Collins, Vice-Chair

Jazzie Collins, an HIV-positive transgender female of color, was born in 1958 to a teen mother in Memphis, Tennessee. She moved to San Francisco in 1988 and started her transition from male to female in her late 40’s. Ms. Collins’ heart and soul is in the work she does as a community organizer. She enjoys understanding, breaking-down and communicating legislative policies to her community. She also enjoys the arrival of winter rain, when she can sit back and read the many books on her bookshelves.  

Dedicated trans rights and economic equality activist Jazzie Collins passed away on July 11, 2013. Ms. Collins was honored in June in the State Assembly for LGBT History Month, and was on the board of the annual Trans March, among many other honors and activities. Click here to read a tribute to Ms. Collins from fellow LGBTAPT Member Tommi A. Mecca: "Jazzie Collins: Forever Fighting the Good Fight" (SF Bay Guardian, July 12, 2013)

Special Announcement: Memorial Service for LGBT Aging Policy Task Force Member Jazzie Collins to be held on Thursday, August 1, 2013.

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 Marcy Adelman

Marcy Adelman 

Marcy Adelman, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in San Francisco. She is a writer, researcher and lecturer on LGBT senior issues. Dr. Adelman co-founded Openhouse, a non-profit LGBT senior housing and service organization and presently serves on the Openhouse Board. She also serves as an advisor to the San Francisco Aging and Adult Services Commission, the San Francisco Village, AARP California on livable communities, and the University of California San Francisco Lesbian Health Resource Center. Dr. Adelman is one of the recipients of the Advocate 2011 Innovator of the Year award.  

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 Michelle Alcedo

Michelle Alcedo

"Michelle Alcedo is the Director of Programs at Openhouse, a San Francisco-based non-profit organization serving LGBT older adults in San Francisco Bay Area. Since joining Openhouse in 2007, Michelle has worked with over 2,000 aging network providers throughout CA to help create safe, welcoming and affirming services and programs for LGBT older adults. Most recently, Michelle was appointed to the CA Mental Health Services Act Multicultural Coalition (CMMC) whose primary goal is to work toward the integration of cultural and linguistic competence into the public mental health system. She also currently serves as chair of the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) Community Partnership and the LGBT Community Partnership, workgroups of the former San Francisco Partnership of Community-Based Care and Support. Michelle is a board member of the Coalition of Agencies Serving the Elderly (CASE), an advocacy organization that has informed and influenced public policy to meet the continuing and changing needs of the SF aging and disabled adult populations for over four decades. She is also on the board of the LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) of the American Society on Aging (ASA). As a graduate of the New Ventures in Leadership, a program of the American Society on Aging, Michelle completed a short film on the intersections of ethnic/cultural and sexual identities facing LGBT elders of color living in the Bay Area. 

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 Michael Costa

L. Michael Costa

L. Michael Costa, M.P.P., is a health policy professional who has developed and implemented a range of innovative health care coverage products and programs designed to increase access to affordable healthcare and new therapies. He has worked with various LGBT groups to successfully lobby for changes in state law to minimize discriminatory underwriting in the health insurance market, and has helped develop patient assistance programs that provide free therapy (e.g. Sustiva, Crixivan) to underinsured LGBT and other individuals who would not have access otherwise. He has advised the Washington State Legislature, the New York State Health Department, the Congressional Budget Office, the New York City Council, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, among others, on health and biotech policy for more than 30 years. Michael has been a long time board member of the Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, promoting LGBT related ballot measures and candidates through fund raising and finance. He also sits on the Pride Advisory Board, and has been involved in local housing policy and development issues as president of a 95 unit HOA. Michael’s principal interests on the Taskforce are to evaluate the potential for aging in place models for providing healthcare/housing/social services, as well as to identify and develop opportunities for the aging LGBT community related to implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

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 Scott Haitsuka

Scott J. Haitsuka

Scott J. Haitsuka’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of San Francisco’s LGBTQQI community spans over 25 years. He was an emotional support volunteer with Shanti Project in the early days of the AIDS epidemic, has worked professionally with the LGBT Community Center, New Leaf Services for Our Community, and as a counselor and case manager with Progress Foundation. Scott is currently an associate clinical social worker and the Program Coordinator with Openhouse, which serves San Francisco’s LGBTQQI older adult community. He recently served on San Francisco’s Mental Health Services Act & Community Behavioral Health Services Older Adult Peer Services Planning Committee.

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 Perry Lang

Perry Lang

Perry Lang is the Executive Director of the Black Coalition on AIDS, one of the nation's oldest community service organizations dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS in the Black community. Before joining BCA, Lang worked as the Western Region Director of YouthBuild USA and was the Vice President of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education. He worked for more than 20 years as a journalist in New York, Norfolk Virginia and San Francisco. In San Francisco, he was a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle for more than a decade.Lang has been of service to the community in a variety of volunteer capacities, including as President of the Bay Area Black Journalists Association and as a board member of the Bayview YMCA. He has a BA in Journalism/Communications and a Master of Divinity with an emphasis in interfaith studies. He has served as President of the Board of Directors of the East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland and was the Associate Pastor at San Francisco historic Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, the nation's first interfaith, interracial congregation founded by the late Howard Thurman.

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 Ashley McCumber

Ashley C. McCumber

Ashley McCumber is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Meals On Wheels of San Francisco (MOWSF), the largest provider of nutrition and supportive services to homebound seniors in San Francisco. Over the past five years, MOWSF has grown by 42% in the number of meals/clients served. In addition, Mr. McCumber is Vice President of the Board for the California Association of Nonprofits which seeks to increase the impact and voice of the nonprofit sector in California. Prior to joining MOWSF, Mr. McCumber was the President/Chief Executive Officer of United South End Settlements (USES) in Boston, Massachusetts, joining that Agency in 2002. Mr. McCumber was successful at increasing programming for families and children, and boosting the agency's offerings which improved cohesion and civic participation in the South End and Lower Roxbury neighborhoods. As President of USES, Mr. McCumber oversaw a $3.7 million annual operating budget, supporting four facilities. He was responsible for the delivery of a wide-range of community-based human service programs delivered in a traditional settlement house fashion. These programs were overlapping and intricately linked to reach people of all ages and backgrounds. Along with 20 years of non-profit and community leadership experience, Mr. McCumber has extensive expertise in fundraising, community relations, non-profit management, and arts and event administration. In 1999, he led the marketing and development effort to open the largest Latino cultural center in the country located in San Jose, CA, The Mexican Heritage Plaza. Some of the executive and managerial positions formerly held by Mr. McCumber include his service as Sr. Director of Institutional Advancement, Unitarian Universalists Service Committee; Dir. of Development, Marketing and Communications, Codman Square Health Center, Dorchester, MA; Associate Director of Development and Alumni Relations at Bridgewater State College; and Director of Tourism and Cultural Dev. for the City of New Bedford, MA. 

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 Stuart Smith

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 Moli Steinert

Moli Steinert

Moli Steinert is the Executive Director of SteppingStone, the largest provider of Adult Day Health Care in San Francisco that enables frail seniors and disabled adults maintain their health and live independently in their community. She previously was Executive Director of Openhouse where she led efforts to build better access to aging services and housing for LGBT seniors in San Francisco. Her career has spanned over 30 years of community activism working on issues ranging from civil rights to health care to international development. Moli is an appointed member of San Francisco’s Long Term Care Coordinating Council, San Francisco LGBT Policy Task Force and a Board member of the California Association of Adult Day Services.

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