Grant Opportunities for LGBTQI Support Services

San Francisco Human Rights Commission Announces Grant Opportunities Totaling $510,000 for LGBTQI Support Services  

The San Francisco Human Rights Commission (HRC) announced today three grant opportunities totaling $510,000 for LGBTQI support services in San Francisco. The grant opportunities include $200,000 for transgender coalition building and organizational support services; $160,000 for violence prevention and intervention services for LGBTQI survivors of violence; and $150,000 for leadership development and legal/support services for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated transgender persons.

These grant opportunities build on the HRC’s recent work with San Francisco’s LGBTQI communities. In 2014, the HRC partnered with the SF LGBT Center to commission a first-of-its-kind needs assessment report on LGBTQI violence prevention in San Francisco. The report found that high proportions of LGBTQI community members, and particularly transgender persons and transgender persons of color, experience physical violence, sexual violence, and harassment.

The HRC has also been partnering with El/La Para Translatinas to provide case management, education/advocacy, and community building services to the City’s transgender Latina community. The HRC’s partnership with El/La Para Translatinas began in 2013 and was recently renewed for another one year term.

The new grant opportunities complement the HRC’s work with the SF LGBT Center and El/La Para Translatinas, and are designed to narrow the service gap for San Francisco’s LGBTQI communities.

RFPs for each grant opportunity are available on the HRC’s website at Applications are due by Monday, October 5th at 4pm. The HRC expects to make award decisions by late fall and begin service delivery by December 1, 2015.