Grant Opportunities

Grant Funding Opportunity and Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for 

Translatina Violence Prevention & Intervention Services

                      Download Request for Proposal

                      Download Appendix A

RFP Issue Date                                                                                 September 28, 2018

E-Question Period Begin Date:                                                         September 28, 2018

E-Question Period End Date                                                             October 12, 2018

E-Question & Answer Published                                                       October 15, 2018                    PDF available here

Application Due Date:                                                                      October 19, 2018

Award Decisions Announced:                                                          October 26, 2018                                               

Grant Period Start Date:                                                                  November 1, 2018

Grant Period End Date:                                                                    June 30, 2022




Transgender Legal Education & Support Services

RFP Issue Date:   February 9, 2018

Download Request for Proposal

Download Appendix A

E-Question Period Begin Date: February 9, 2018  
E-Question Period End Date: February 23, 2018  
Application Due Date: March 2, 2018  
Award Decisions Announced: March 16, 2018  
Grant Period Start Date: April 1, 2018  
Grant Period End Date: June 30, 2018  


Grant Funding Opportunity and Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”) for 

Technical Assistance and Youth Leadership Training 

RFQ Issue Date:   June 12, 2018

Download: Request for Proposal

Question Submission Period Ends: June 18, 2018

Questions Submitted:

1) Are the Youth Educational and Leadership Development services deliverables that we are expected to host or can we bring youth to preexisting events in order to provide them with these opportunities? 
2) What are the allowable expenses? 

3) Are all Capacity Building and Youth Educational and Leadershop Development services intended to be provided to organizations that serve children and youth? In other words to youth providers and not youth themselves?

4) Is the expected available funding of $50,000 intended for each organization funded or is it the total amount availible for all grantees?

Answers to Questions: June 22, 2018


1) This deliverable can be achiveved by hosting events, attending preexisting events and any combination to provided the youth with educational and leadership development opportunities. 

2) This can be negotiated when creating contracts, but should involve expenses related to technical assistance, capacity building and/or youth educational and leadership development. 

3) The services can be geared towards service providers and youth, this can also be nnegotiated when creating contracts.

* 4) Each grantee selected for the pool can be granted up to $50,000.

Proposals Due Date: July 2, 2018  
Award Decisions Announced: July 16, 2018

 RFQ Pool List:

3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic
Alive and Free
Be the Change Consulting
Collective Impact 
Edutainment for Equity
Flourish Agenda
PJS Consultants 
Youth Leadership Institute


Grant Period Start Date: July 2018  
Grant Period End Date: December 2018