Discrimination Complaints Investigation & Mediation Division: Overview

HRC's Discrimination Complaints Investigation and Mediation Division investigates and mediates complaints of discrimination and non-compliance in employment, housing and public accommodation, as prescribed by City policy and jurisdiction. In addition, the Division is charged with implementing the Sanctuary City Ordinance by assisting the public in filing, mediating, and investigating complaints of non-compliance with the ordinance.


What We Do:

  • Investigate and mediate discrimination complaints in the areas of housing, public accommodations, and employment.
  • Investigate and mediate complaints of noncompliance with the Fair Chance and Sanctuary City Ordinances.
  • Engage stakeholders to resolve community disputes and issues involving individual or systemic illegal discrimination.
  • Provide technical assistance, information and referrals to individuals, community groups, businesses and government agencies related to human rights and social justice.

What We Cannot Do:

  • Provide individual legal represenation or legal advice.
  • Provide direct advocacy (be an advocate for a particular side while a case is under investigation). 

If you have not been contacted by an HRC representative within three business days after submitting information, please call (415) 252-2500 or visit our office to confirm that your information was received. 

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Information on San Francisco laws the Discrimination Division enforces:


Nondiscrimination Notices

Section 3303(d) of the San Francisco Police Code requires all employers with a business tax registration certificate from the City to post a non-discrimination in employment notice.  This notice must be posted in a conspicuous place and available to employees and independent contractors.  

In addition, the Fair Chance Ordinance requires employers with five (5) or more employees as well as affordable housing providers to post a Fair Chance Ordinance Notice. Current Fair Chance Ordinance Notices for affordable housing providers (with additional information on FCO obligations) are available on the HRC's website here.