Advisory Committees Overview

Black and white photo of a 2017 Equity Advisory Committee meeting


Citizen advisory committees are an integral and vitally important component of the HRC, providing for community involvement and opportunity for in-depth study and exploration of issues. The role of the advisory committees is to provide advice and assistance to the Commission by developing and examining ideas and issues within the jurisdiction of the Commission. The committees may also hold public hearings and make recommendations of positions for the Commission to take on legislation. New committee members are appointed every year for 1 year terms. Advisory committees hold one meeting per month, usually averaging ten meetings per year. Each committee has a standard meeting time and all meetings are open to the public and subject to public meeting and accessibility laws.

Ongoing Committees:

Equity Advisory Committee (EAC)

LGBT Advisory Committee (LGBTAC)

Prior Committees:

Equal Pay Advisory Board

LGBT Aging Policy Task Force