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Policy & Social Justice Division Overview

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 HRC's Policy & Social Justice Division collaborates closely with other governmental agencies, community based organizations and members of the community to address a wide range of civil rights and other related social justice issues affecting the residents of San Francisco..

zoe polk

Zoë Polk, Director of Policy Division

Zoë Polk is a California licensed attorney with a Bachelor of Arts degree in government from Georgetown University and a Juris Doctorate from St. John's University School of Law. Ms. Polk oversees the enforcement of the Sanctuary City Ordinance, the Equity Adviosry Committee, the HRC Law Clinic and HRC’s initiative to reduce discrimination based on prior convictions. She also represents the department on the steering committe for the Governing for Racial Equity Network. As the lead trainer for HRC's Diversity, Sensitivity, and Cultural-Competency Trainings, she has conducted trainings all over the city and state, including at the Practising Law Institute, the San Francisco Federal Building, and the Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Before joining HRC, Ms. Polk focused on federal civil rights litigation and taught law at UC Hastings and the East Bay Community Law Center. In addition, Ms. Polk has worked for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and served as a consultant to the UN Special Representative to the Secretary General for Children and Armed Conflict.  Ms. Polk has lectured at various institutions including UC Santa Cruz, Golden Gate University Law School, UC Hastings School of Law, San Francisco State University and  University of San Francisco Law School.


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 David Miree

David C. Miree, Policy Coordinator 
David C. Miree has a BA in Political Science from the University of Tennessee/Knoxville, an MPA in Public Administration and a J.D. from UT College of Law. Mr. Miree has served as counsel to clients from marginalized communities at both administrative and trial levels. Mr. Miree joined HRC’s Policy & Social Justice Division in 2011 and is the lead coordinator for the agency's African American Community Empowerment Initiative (AACEI). In addition, Mr. Miree manages HRC’s communications and media relations. Prior to joining the HRC, Miree served as the Deputy Director of Communications and Deputy Director of Public Affairs for the City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office.


 Nadia Babella

Nadia Babella, Policy Coordinator 
Nadia Babella is a California and Florida licensed attorney with a BA degree in philosophy from U.C. Berkeley and a JD degree from UC Hastings. Ms. Babella’s primary areas of focus are LGBT rights, post 9/11 racial and religious profiling, criminal justice reform, and human trafficking. She is also the lead Coordinator for HRC's LGBT Advisory Committee (LGBTAC). Prior to working at HRC, Ms. Babella taught law and worked as an immigration attorney. Ms. Babella has also worked as an adjudicator with the San Francisco Asylum Office. Throughout her career, Ms. Babella has strived to address the roots of discrimination and bring the voices of community coalitions to policy makers.

 sneh rao

Sneh Rao, Policy Coordinator

Sneh Rao oversees HRC’s violence prevention initiatives and staffs the San Francisco Coalition Against Hate Violence. Before joining HRC, Mr. Rao was a director at an international human rights organization and worked on a range of policy issues affecting Latin America, including labor rights, immigrant rights, and economic development. He also served as a fellow with the Thomas J. Watson Foundation and researched health and human rights issues affecting sex workers in South Africa, Brazil, and Spain. Mr. Rao graduated magna cum laude from Macalester College and holds a Master in Public Policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.   




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