Diversity, Sensitivity and Cultural-Competency Training for Businesses, Employers and Housing Providers


HRC Training Workshops for Businesses and Landlords

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If you are a business owner or housing provider, educating yourself and your employees about the harmful impact of discriminatory conduct is not only critical to your success, but it will help you avoid expensive lawsuits and promote smart, respectful business and/or housing practices. The first step towards ensuring that you and your employees comply with Federal, State and Local anti-discrimination laws is to enlist the help of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. For a nominal fee, we will provide you with the most up-to-date training available, customized to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn how you can reduce the likelihood of expensive lawsuits stemming from unlawful workplace and/or housing practices based on age, ethnicity, sexual-orientation, disability and other protected classes.

*** Compliance with Anti-Discrimination Laws in Employment, Housing and Public Accommodation ***

  • Workplace Discrimination 101: How Employers can comply with Federal, State and Local Employment Laws.
  • Housing Discrimination 101: How Housing Providers can comply with Federal, State and Local Fair Housing Laws.
  • Disability Discrimination 101: Disability Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodations Requirements for Businesses, Employers and Housing Providers.
  • Transgender Law 101: Complying with State and Local Discrimination Laws related to Transgender Persons.
  • Setting the Record Straight on Section 8: How Housing Providers can ensure Compliance with Fair Housing Laws with regard to Persons with Section 8 Vouchers.

*** Sanctuary City Ordinance Compliance***

  • Compliance with San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Ordinance Requirements: What San Francisco City Agencies and Organizations with Undocumented Members Need to Know.

*** Cultural Competency and Sensitivity Training***

  • LGBTQ Cultural Competency and Sensitivity Training: Creating workplace environments where all employees and clients are treated with dignity and respect.

*** Prior Arrests and Convictions***

  • Employees and Tenants with Prior Arrests and Convictions Discrimination: How Employers and Housing Providers can avoid Arbitrary Discrimination against Employees or Tenants with Arrest and Conviction Records.