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About Equal Benefits

Nondiscrimination in City Contracts

Chapters 12B and 12C of the SF Administrative Code

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The Human Rights Commission enforces San Francisco's Nondiscrimination in Contracts Laws. These laws include provisions prohibiting discrimination in employee benefits and public accommodations based on marital and domestic partner status and in most cases require that City contractors provide domestic partner benefits equal to those offered to spouses of their employees.

Equal Benefits Ordinance


The Equal Benefits Ordinance Resource Materials contains information and sample policies on issues surrounding the inclusion of domestic partners in insurance plans, retirement plans, leave benefits and other employee benefits policies


Nondiscrimination in Contracts - Employment

Nondiscrimination in Contracts - Public Accommodations


 Important Forms & Documents:


Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Chapter 12B Declaration (Form HRC-12B-101 (PDF)

Reasonable Measures Application (Form HRC-12B-102 (PDF)

Substantial Compliance Authorization (Form HRC-12B-103) (PDF)


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